US Indexes Filling Gaps (30 min. Charts)

This morning’s little hype fest is being closed out. Bears may be getting excited by the in-day reversal. But they should realize that the gap is being closed within what is still a short-term uptrend. Lose 3075 (SPX) and then maybe we can start to talk bull trap. Maybe. DJIA would have further to drop to fill the gap. NDX is just about there. The … Continue reading US Indexes Filling Gaps (30 min. Charts)

They Did ROK U

They did ROK U if you over-stayed your welcome, that is. It’s always a good time to examine your own personal psychology in this racket and after I took the profit (after a mid-Sept. buy at support) around the SMA 50 (as originally planned) my greedy side enviously watched it gap higher. Then I put my greedy side away and took the profits from a … Continue reading They Did ROK U

Updating the 3 Metallic Amigos and the Macro Message

This morning in pre-market the Amigos’ futures charts update the macro story… …which goes something like this… Copper, the cyclical Amigo (weekly chart) has furthered the intermediate trend line break we noted on October 25th. This is in line with the rally in US and global stock markets and even more so, the global macro reflation theme. It does not look so impressive yet on … Continue reading Updating the 3 Metallic Amigos and the Macro Message