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I found this pretty humorous since I am personally printing a big loss on my TBT position. He’s making even better bank today if he held it. Still to be determined whether this is the turn in bonds, however. [edit] I thought this was in reference to the most recent bond post, not the August 8th post. So hopefully he day traded it, unlike me. This was the post that noted gold could be vulnerable to a bond pullback. [edit] Oooff, edit again… duh, have some more coffee Gary. He posted on August 16th, so he’s good! #BrainNotInGear

And this one is interesting because as you may recall, I was disparaged by a couple of financial eggheads at this very same venue in November 2018 when the gold sector was nothing but crickets and it was time to be developing a bullish view.

Today, as this Twit notes it’s pretty much in the other direction. I didn’t think my post was really bearish, but you get the point. I guess for traders it’s bearish, and NFTRH advised traders to consider taking their profits a couple weeks ago.

This post shows the hilarious Twit responses to my post at Stocktwits on November 2nd.

A Notable Lack of Interest in Gold (11.4.18)

Here’s the screenshot from that exchange. The first genius replies “BS” and then blocked me after my well-reasoned response. BlockHEAD is more like it. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel with some of these goofballs.

Anyway, just some light and goofy stuff for a Monday morning as I try to relax my mind after diving into actual analysis for many hours this weekend.

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