A Notable Lack of Interest in Gold

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Well, there is interest, but when it comes about it is more often negative. Here are responses my perfectly rational article about the Gold/Oil ratio got at Stocktwits.

The first guy simply grunted “BS” and is bearish on gold. When I gave my tongue in cheek response he blocked me. Thin skinned or what dude?

The second guy appears to be one of the massive herd that thinks high oil prices (I take it by “ooo” he means oil) are good for gold and even gold miners. And he asks if I’m high? Ha ha ha…


Even more interesting is the state of the gold “community”, which I do believe may be asleep at the switch right now. It is not without valid reason however, as the November-December seasonal has been decidedly bearish over the last several years of the bear market. It’s tax loss season and another crappy year for those crappy gold stocks. Perfect.

Even better is that it seems responses to a bright and cheery gold stock article like my Friday post at set to mute. It’s like nobody cares right now. Anecdotally, it seems traffic coming from 321gold, which sometimes directly links to my articles is significantly lower than what it would be if the gold sector were bullish.

And again, I understand. The technicals are bearish. The seasonal is bearish. Hey everybody, just take your ball and go home. It’s all over I tell you.

Except that, it’s not over if October’s signals continue to form. In fact, all of this a) hatred and b) apathy can be added to the elements that would be in place at a, you know… bottom. It may take a while, but something’s going on here.

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