US Stock Market

With the real action taking place in the precious metals lately one might think that we’ve forgotten or at least downplayed the US stock market. Not so. Here’s the first part of NFTRH 564’s US Stock Market segment. We then went on to cover the various sectors, market internals, global markets, commodities, precious metals and so on and so forth. The whole shootin’ match, as … Continue reading US Stock Market

Commercial Hedging in Gold and Silver

Let’s clip just a little bit of NFTRH 564 having to do with the state of Commercial Hedgers of gold and silver prices, as part of the overall Commitments of Traders situation (graphs by Sentimentrader, mark-ups mine)… Gold’s CoT structure is generally thought to be extreme, and it is. Commercial Hedgers are as net short now as they were at the [gold price] top in … Continue reading Commercial Hedging in Gold and Silver