Ray Dalio on China

This is one of the most thoughtful, intense (in a mellow sort of way) and clear thinking experts out there. Though I’ve used him as a contrary indicator on rare occasion, I’ve greatly respected the guy since I first read his bio several years ago. I would like to have 1/10th of his knowledge and perspective about the global macro. Recommended… Subscribe to NFTRH Premium … Continue reading Ray Dalio on China

The Bond Yield Continuum and Gold

Have you heard the news? US Treasury bonds are sky rocketing as it turns out there is no inflation amid a global central bank NIRP-a-thon and race to the currency bottom. Going the other way, our 30yr Treasury yield Continuum is burrowing southward. If you check out yesterday’s post you’ll see proof that the 2018 NFTRH view that people should tune out the bond experts … Continue reading The Bond Yield Continuum and Gold