The Yield Curve’s Unpleasant Macro Hint

As per the last post the curve did steepen today. Here’s the daily chart. Looks kinda similar to early October, doesn’t it? Okay, that is a negative for many markets, especially since it is now above the 200 day average as well as the 50. What’s worse is the weekly chart’s break above two moving averages that limited the Q1 2018 and Q4 2018 moves, … Continue reading The Yield Curve’s Unpleasant Macro Hint

Disaster Averted

When is taking a loss a wonderful thing? Well, in this case it’s when you expect a stock market bounce and buy something as part of the market’s plunge but find mitigating evidence to your buy and quickly take a small loss to avoid risk. Here is a screenshot from NFTRH 554’s NFTRH+ Notes & Charts segment (which, by the way, included a growing group … Continue reading Disaster Averted


NFTRH; S&P 500 Bounce Progress and Parameters

So far we are 100% on plan. With the obligatory breakdown below and whipsaw back above the SMA 200 SPX has filled another gap and held the next support area. To keep symmetry with the ‘alt’ shoulder scenario this morning’s projected opening gap to 2820 should be about all there is to the bounce. Ah, but we have seen this movie before and it does … Continue reading NFTRH; S&P 500 Bounce Progress and Parameters