The title refers to iDumb Ass on iRobot.

This post is made because I often make posts showing the wonderful gains I make on individual stocks due to my stellar talents as a chart reader, stock picker and trade executor.

Hence, I must also make posts when I do bonehead things (due to my flaws aplenty) like make a great stock pick, start to make it an NFTRH+ highlight, get cold feet on that because I don’t want to endanger subscribers with a bad pick, and then sell it myself… before it beats on earnings and pops 15% in after hours!

Great job Gah!! Posts like this need to be made once in a while because I want to be 100% diametrically opposed to the heavily marketed gurus who are promo’d as the omnipresent ‘man who called XYZ now has a new prediction…’ who you see all over the internet. He’s never wrong.

I actually feel very well clowned right now, with the only saving grace that I kept IRBT in my kids’ accounts. But I saw a nice and prospective chart and noted the buy for that reason in the Trade Log. But then I thought about CTRL’s 18% dope hammering yesterday (I rightly avoided it due to its oncoming earnings) and thought well, IRBT is a fellow high end consumer cyclical. Why not slide out the door with a paper thin profit?

Anyway, I present the daily chart that was going to accompany the NFTRH+ update that wasn’t, with my artwork showing the price in AH.

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