The Robot and the Electric Car

With a few exceptions, I notice around the internet that some services like to tell you about all the massive gains they’ve provided their subscribers in certain stocks. This especially goes on in the junior mining swamp but is also a proud tradition in the stock picking world. Tout the multi-baggers and conveniently soft shoe the losers, which everybody has.

So here at NFTRH we will continue the proud tradition of touting the winners but also exposing the losers, with the key being have more god damn winners than losers! Duh. The reason I don’t get defensive or obsessive about this stuff is because stock picking is not even my main charter; keeping us right with the macro markets is. It’s only everything if you ask me.

So anyway, Robbie the Robot here was first charted in NFTRH using a weekly chart as we scouted its bounce potential from longer-term support. I then bought it just above said support and it was initially robotic in its gains but lately is getting a little impulsive (read: pumpy).

Meanwhile, the Electric Car (noted here publicly a while back), complete with a Tweeting CEO who I cannot stand (yup, that’s emotion folks) has done a similar thing, against my short position. I am down 18% on Tesla and up 25% on IRBT. So these are basically a wash because the TSLA short position is a little larger than the IRBT long position.

irbt, tsla

I did two things purposely here. I did not sell IRBT as it exceeded the SMA 200 and I did not cover TSLA as it exeeded the SMA 200. That second thing is going against sound trading practices but as a portfolio twittler I can afford a view of things working in unison and among my few short positions there are some that are very strategic and working well, partially offsetting the TSLA debacle (in the making?). And then there is the rest of the portfolio, which is long and doing very well on balance.

I may not come out here and report to you if/when I cover TSLA in ignominy because you (the public) are a casual reader and not part of the business end of NFTRH (it’ll be noted in the NFTRH Trade Log). But since I’d highlighted it previously in public I wanted to note here that as of now it’s not going well and that’s just the way it is.

IRBT on the other hand was a ‘bottom feed’ play and I am trying to decide whether it holds the potential for further gains or perhaps I should slink away and not be greedy.

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