i Human

iSad because iRobot is about to rip me a new one when it opens this morning. But iRealistic too. These things happen. Indeed, i saw yesterday’s down day with volume and though it could be some boyz shaking the tree before earnings. iWrong. IRBT looks to tack on a handy 17% loss at the open and my (paper) loss will be bigger because I was … Continue reading i Human

The Robot and the Electric Car

With a few exceptions, I notice around the internet that some services like to tell you about all the massive gains they’ve provided their subscribers in certain stocks. This especially goes on in the junior mining swamp but is also a proud tradition in the stock picking world. Tout the multi-baggers and conveniently soft shoe the losers, which everybody has. So here at NFTRH we … Continue reading The Robot and the Electric Car