NFTRH; SPX Daily Chart Status (high priority)

While the odds of SPX declining to 2100-2200 have increased greatly, I think the combination of deplorably bearish sentiment and the seasonal (yes, I am still giving that some consideration) and the short-term oversold situation on SPX are reasons to be guarded if you are short. But then again, as stated frequently, I am not a resolute or very good short seller. The Daily chart … Continue reading NFTRH; SPX Daily Chart Status (high priority)

Jerome ‘Dead Eye’ Powell

One of the most disturbing scenes in the series Breaking Bad was when Todd shoots and kills a boy on a dirt bike after he witnessed Heisenberg, Jesse and Todd heist 900 gallons of methylamine. Jesse: “Todd, that Opie Dead Eyed piece of shit…” That is similar to the feeling I got after the Fed hiked the funds rate as expected, but then declined to … Continue reading Jerome ‘Dead Eye’ Powell