Is This Risk ‘Off’ Enough for Formerly Greedy Bulls?

Take a look at the yield on the long bond. Take a listen to all those formerly loud Treasury BOND BEARS!!! Now all you hear are crickets. So are we now risk ‘off’ enough for the yield to make a low? Has the whole cacophonous mess been shut up? Do people still think they understand the Fed and its motivations? Look, I don’t fully understand … Continue reading Is This Risk ‘Off’ Enough for Formerly Greedy Bulls?

vs. SPY

A few interesting pictures ‘vs. SPY’… Gold miners have risen vs. SPY since early September. Treasury bonds, hated by absolutely everybody (except maybe readers of this website) in September have absolutely blasted off in relation to SPY with Mr. Powell’s deftly engineered risk ‘off’ operation. Chinese Large Caps have maintained the intermediate uptrend vs. SPY. Even the World is starting to bounce vs. the former … Continue reading vs. SPY


NFTRH; Post-FOMC (high priority)

I really do think we are onto something here. The dead-eyed (that’s a compliment) chief of the Fed just looked the market – and the president – in the eye and as cool as a cucumber, stated the Fed’s agenda. That agenda has appeared to be for the Fed to extricate itself from its bloated balance sheet and an untenable rise in long-term interest rates … Continue reading NFTRH; Post-FOMC (high priority)