Callum: Investors All-In; Good Luck to Them

We are operating to an SPX target that is well higher; 3000+. That has been the case ever since SPX broke out of the red box shown here. Before that 3000+ was the alternate. Now it’s the feature.


However, the depressed VIX in the lower panel above is just one (lower priority) indicator of risk.

So what’s new over at Biiwii?

There are Hindenburgs floating over the market as shown by Tom McClellan; there are valuation issues and pure momentum by the dumbest of money. We have lampooned the Bitcoin kids in the recent past and now hold up the Pot sector as the latest momo bubble.

It’s the Signs of the Times, Man

Then there is this idiocy, as illustrated by Tim Knight:

Young Traders, Unite!

Some clown with a massively popular YouTube channel is whipsawing legions of young casino patrons daily with a ‘bullish, no bearish, no bullish again!’ shtick. Yes, it’s a sign of the end times.

Then there is Callum Thomas, simply showing that casino patrons (man, machine, quant, algo, day traders, adrenaline junkies, men who stare at charts and ma & pa) are all-in. The chart below is a relatively small sample size. But later in the post he provides another that broadens out the ‘all-in’ risk signal. It is really important that rational players know how to separate two things… risk & price, which can coexist indefinitely as they rise together. Until one day, they don’t.

Leveraged ETFs and Portfolio Cash Allocations – Investors go “All-In”

“Long story short, US investors are basically all-in. Good luck to them.”

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