Tim Does Bitcoin Scammer Altucher

You have seen me bitch and moan about this creep and the creepy ad companies disguised as real content that were praying upon gullible internet surfers late last year.

James Altucher was the face of the promo, but lo and behold there was ole’ Doug Casey in the mix too. As his gold, commodity and asteroid (ha ha ha) pitches were no longer effective he tried on a Bitcoin guru hat at precisely the top of the market (as we knew it would be).

Pitchmen (Dec. 2, 2017)

Here Are My Views on Bitcoin (Dec. 7, 2017, incl. classic Casey)

Bitcoin Promoters Ready to Scatter? (Jan. 16, 2018)

This morning, Tim Knight asks…

Where’s the Outrage?

…which is something I’ve often wondered about maybe 70% of people in society. I mean, I get pissed off about nearly everything that is unfair, greasy, predatory and yeah, evil. It’s all around and even codified in many areas of society.

I often wonder why people don’t get completely pissed but instead stuff their face with Doritos and watch football on Sunday and act like it is their god-given right. I watch football too, but it is just entertainment and not one thing more. Hockey on the other hand, is more. ;-)

But I digress. If you read Tim’s article you’ll see that he did some work to uncover just how seamy the story was. It is puke-worthy now just as it was when I made those linked posts above, so maybe one or two people would not be on auto-puke when the bubble burst and this pig has made off with his millions from the promotion.

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