Sectors ‘vs. SPY’

Things are in motion and the USD and interest rates are playing their rolls in sector rotations, so why not get to our battling Spies a bit early this week? On a relative basis… Financials, Energy, Industrials and Materials are trending down on the daily chart. No coincidence that these either outright prefer rising long-term yields (XLF) or are variably biased toward them. Healthcare has … Continue reading Sectors ‘vs. SPY’


Pre-Market: US & Global Stocks, USD, Yields & Gold (Priority: High)

US Stocks Pre-market indicates that stocks are poised to take back yesterday’s losses and this is in keeping with our short-term theme that the market is not just going to go down obediently each day in line with our registered top-test target. SPX shaved off 11+ points yesterday and this morning is green by those same 11 points. The process continues and the current stance … Continue reading Pre-Market: US & Global Stocks, USD, Yields & Gold (Priority: High)