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I have had people tell me that he’s a brilliant writer, a serious market watcher and other legitimizing things. Well, here’s an “advertorial” that showed up featuring James Altucher, as I was reading a blog focused on my favorite hockey team, the New York Rangers.

I don’t mind if you click the link because I think it would support a blog that I like. But if you do click the link prepare for the oiliest, slimiest “content” the internet has to offer. “Advertorial” may ass.

Millionaire’s “3-Step Script” Could Reveal the Next Billion $ Cryptocurrency

Yeah, and millionaire’s 3-step script could also reveal what a dumbass you are if you believe this crap. Not that you dear reader would believe this crap (or else you’d not be reading this website you’re on right now) but I mean the generic “you”. I think there may be more generic yous out there than we might imagine (or else stupid ads across the internet would not exist, eh?).

Here’s the pitch…

“Every Day You Wait, Someone Else is Growing Rich from Cryptocurrencies”

This is served by none other than Taboola, which along with its fellows like Outbrain put this garbage all over the internet, much of it calling itself “content” that is “from the web”.

Here’s an example of Taboola’s inner workings, as noted in a September post.

And here’s an example of Outbrain’s “content”, which showed up on ESPN’s hockey section (other than the Patriots, I only pay attention to one sport). It was previously noted here in February. There’s ole’ Harry Dent at the beginning of this highly bullish year warning us how it’s going to be worse than 1931. Thanks Outbrained, now that’s content we can use!… as a contrary indicator.


I know this is overly obvious content I am producing right now. You would not be at this site if it were not already obvious to you. But there’s a point in here somewhere. A little thing about integrity, sobriety and rational grounding. It’s actually the only way to manage markets over the long-term and I completely adhere to it. nftrh.com is and always has been completely ad free and lately I’ve gotten rid of the Google ads at biiwii.com, to put it ad free as well. No ads, just… content.

But on some level, I feel resentful that hypesters and pitch men gain the eyeballs they do and that a large segment of the population is either too lazy or too retarded to see it. You see, the pitchmen give easy, even cartoon-like answers. It is a lot harder to give and hear answers that are not so cut and dry. But what about these markets really is cut and dry… eh Bueller?

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