Don’t Get Outbrained!

No matter where you go on the internet (except sites like the ad-free you have ads pretending to be content following you around.  I for instance, was checking ESPN’s standings with regard to my beloved Rangers and what did I find?  Why, perma-bleak guru Harry Dent telling me for the one millionth time how bad this crash and depression are going to be.


That little “Recommended by” thing at the bottom right?  It’s none other than Outbrain, which carpet bombs paid ad content all over the internet.  Now, Dent and other usual guru suspects have massive marketing machinery and Outbrain is just one manifestation of their reach.  But the more I see financial content packaged and commoditized around the internet (you would not believe the ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ cooperative marketing deals schemed up out there to cultivate your eyeballs, dear weary internet financial content consumer) the more I resolve to just call it like I see it and try to talk like a human, not a marketing system, even as I realize I need to market my business.

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