Bitcoin Dead; Yet Another Promo

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Well yeah, probably eventually it’s dead. But one thing Bitcoin has got going for it currently is an opposite promo to the fish in a barrel one (that I could not find a handy way to short) from late 2017, when we noted again and again and again that this was getting dangerous.

On the chart below, the goofball up top called the top to perfection as his mug was marketed all, and I do mean ALL over the internet, sucking in the last idiot. But look at the new promo at the lower region of the chart. It came out after Bitcoin got cut in half. It never ends, this internet eyeball harvesting promo machine.

I tell you again that you have got to be very careful where you are getting your ‘content’ from. This stuff is obvious, but much ‘content’ comes from partnerships and marketing arrangements (I get pitched to post paid ‘content’ here and at Biiwii all the time, err, always refusing of course). It’s a machine out there and the machine has little spoons on the ends of its appendages with which to scoop out your eyeballs. Lots of it is not so obvious. Find the independent sources. Like ole’ NFTRH, like Biiwii and its authors like Inca Kola News, like Slope of Hope, like Confounded Interest, etc.


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