Bitcoin Promoters Ready to Scatter?

I wonder how long it is going to take the Bitcoin promoters out there to realize they should back away from the stink that the crypto currencies will put on them. Well, the goofball in the post’s featured image above can’t back away because he’s already been sold as the face of the promo. I doubt he cares since the promo’s objectives have been achieved and I’d assume everybody’s already been compensated.

But what of the likes of the gold bugs that jumped on board? What of the bugs who realized that by marketing themselves as ‘gold analysts’* they’ve sort of inconveniently backed themselves into a corner… of a bear market? Well guys, you may have diversified into the wrong alternative. But then, promo does not care about being right so much as it cares about being inflammatory and emotional. Gold and Bitcoin share those qualities relative to “stocks and bonds”.

What of Doug Casey, whose empire seems never to have met an angle it couldn’t spin? Just look at the rapt anticipation on the interviewer’s face.

Interviewer: “I know you’re not one of those gurus who make huge predictions just to get in the spotlight…”

Well, ole Doug’s got so many skeletons in the closet, what’s one more?

If (and of course it’s still in doubt) the Bitcoin bubble is over, you watch how fast these guys distance themselves from the pitch and its stink… and go back to gold (and maybe the odd asteroid play, lol).


* “Gold analyst” being code for gold salesman, whether in its metallic form, in its miners or just in the concept of promoting an emotional ideology of good vs. evil that inexperienced investors may find attractive.

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