Silver Bugs Have a Message for Bitcoin Kids

Of course this is a new era and the old rules don’t apply, but if the silver bugs learned their lessons (always a question because really, there is nothing so zealous as a silver bug in greed mode) they’d be instructing today’s young bit miners thusly…

Silver was going to $100/oz. and beyond! By 2011 the Fed had lost control of inflation and we were going full frontal vonMises Crack Up Boom! That big red candle is just a shakeout I tell you!


Bitcoin index has limitless upside, the people have lost faith in the Fed, gold, silver and any other money as we are freed by the digital age to conduct business off the grid and inside our globally networked devices! That big red candle is a buying opportunity I tell you!


I don’t know, maybe it’s different this time. But as silver approached the old ‘Hunt Brothers’ level of $50/oz. it was different that time too… until it wasn’t different anymore. Then for nearly 5 years it once again became very not different.


Maybe the clown in the featured image above has the ultimate answer.

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