Aftermath of the Latest Bonds/Yields Media Hype Campaign

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None other than “BOND KING” Bill Gross was served up on a platter (along with side orders of Dalio, Tudor Jones and Gundlach) for mainstream financial media readers to consume.

“New Bond Bear Market!” they trumpeted, as yields were going to do something they have not done int decades! Hide your women and children!!


And sure, the headlines may one day prove correct. But today the eyeball catchers are on to other things to rile people up about and our yields story is left to the backwater likes of to keep alive. Since we were the ones that refuted the hysterics to begin with (I am not going to waste my time digging up links, you can search for ’em if you want), we might as well be the ones to say “told ya so”.

The 10yr yield is lame and looking lamer by the day as 10yr bonds are bid up.

So too is the 30yr.

And still the MSM is not only still in business, it is growing and harvesting eyeballs the world over by varied means. It is strange how despite the ‘be your own individual’ type marketing that all these iPods and other gizmos and Apps are sold with, a majority of people just continue to herd, even if they don’t know they herd. That’s humans.