Checkup on the Global Inflation Trade

Because after all, the reason we have these bull markets is because of the heroic <sarcasm alert> acts of Central Banking monetary scientists led by the big brained Bernanke and now fanned out all over the developed world. It’s literally ‘give us inflation or give us death’.

The Baltic Dry shipping cost index had been on a hard decline until this week. It has implications for not only global stock markets but also commodities, which are largely the things being shipped. If this week’s +23% gains traction and continues global stock markets will probably firm up.


Which could make this a buying opportunity in Global vs. US.

Even more so for those regions that favor a weaker US dollar.

Although there has been little sign of life in the ratio of the ‘speculative froth’ end of the Inflation Trade, which remains pinned to the mat. Maybe that is a good thing and maybe it isn’t.

We’ve been expecting a pullback in USD, which may have begun. If that happens and the “Dollar Collapse” crowd comes out of the woodwork again I’d be careful because Uncle Buck has built in some support now around the convergence of two key moving averages. You know the ones.

Separately, I’ve decided to use as a place to write non-market stuff, like my expression of sadness about Anthony Bourdain’s passing. This will go along with the market commentary of select others and the occasional political thing.

And Now He’s Off to Parts Unkown

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