TRXC: The Baby’s Baby Did Even Better

Earlier we noted that MZOR was finally shaking off its bad chart and moving up. It’s a baby Intuitive Surgical. The baby’s baby is TRXC (ISRG’s grand kid), which we noted last week is starting to sell a couple surgical robots here and there as its chart finally breaks the interminable – and bullish – consolidation. So MZOR was up 6% today, but the little … Continue reading TRXC: The Baby’s Baby Did Even Better

A Baby Intuitive Surgical Rams Upward

Mazor Robotics (MZOR) is in partnership with one of my other Medical Device/Equipment holdings, Medtronic (MDT) and that is not to be taken lightly. It legitimized Mazor’s status within the Medical Robot ‘me too’ movement. Last week I noted that I’d held DVAX (a biotech company) despite a stupid breakdown (MMs will come out to play, after all) into earnings and was rewarded nicely for … Continue reading A Baby Intuitive Surgical Rams Upward


NFTRH Subscriber Request: MAG (low priority)

Introducing a new aspect of the NFTRH service. A subscriber asked if I’d consider taking requests for charts from subscribers and I think that is a great idea, with one caveat: Depending on the stock in question, I may not accept all requests. But I think this is a great way to give more value to subscribers, should they have a need or wish to … Continue reading NFTRH Subscriber Request: MAG (low priority)


You may recall that many unflattering words have been written here about the president. At first it was comical and sensational writing because I could not believe we had elected such a cartoon character. Well, given that bag of crap the Democrats served up as competition (after railroading Bernie Sanders), maybe I could. But anyway, listening to Trump speak – both in tone and his … Continue reading Trump