You may recall that many unflattering words have been written here about the president. At first it was comical and sensational writing because I could not believe we had elected such a cartoon character. Well, given that bag of crap the Democrats served up as competition (after railroading Bernie Sanders), maybe I could. But anyway, listening to Trump speak – both in tone and his words – was like putting razor blades in my ears.

Then there were the obvious stupidities of a border wall and pandering to dying industries at the expense of progress, which will always progress. The rich boy who never traditionally labored offering bromides for the Everyman. It was 1972 style policy. As for the racism, gunism, jingoism, narrow minded patriotism, whoreism and all the other isms that have cropped up under his presidency, I really have to tune it out with respect to my job, which is to get the financial markets right. But it’s disgusting.

But one thing I will say on the other side of the coin is that this rough neck is doing a better job geo-politically – at least to my untrained eye – than the people and administrations that came before him. He is actually a good businessman it seems and he is hands on. He actually seems to know how to use brinkmanship and negotiation for the better interests of the US, in some cases at least.

Either China and North Korea are quietly laughing behind our backs with a plan b or progress is being made in the global arena. If that is the case I for one give credit where it is due.

That doesn’t stop me from using a funny picture as the featured image, however. :-)