Macro Whipsaw Continues in Metallic Indicators

Here is just one picture from said whipsaw, and its an important one as a cyclical indicator; Industrial Metals (positively correlated to the economy) and gold (generally negatively so). A really nice breakdown in IM/Gold was followed by a neck snapping spike and now… down periscope. The weekly goes from breakdown to fully intact to suspect again. I do not post here pretending that I … Continue reading Macro Whipsaw Continues in Metallic Indicators

Intel and Sanford Burnedstein

This is unfortunate for a member of the buttoned down, highly paid stock analyst community. Sanford Bernstein has evidently been bearish on Intel all the way up, most recently reaffirming a ‘sell’ on the stock: April 24, 2018: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)‘s stock had its “sell” rating reiterated by research analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein in a research note issued to investors on Tuesday. They presently have … Continue reading Intel and Sanford Burnedstein