A Tale of 2 Gold Miners @ PDAC

As the industry prepares to show its wares and everybody who is somebody in the gold analyst and gold writer communities prepares to see, be seen and especially be heard (or is that herd? Ha ha ha…) at PDAC

…we are reminded that there is a vast chasm between the best and the worst of the miners, especially in the junior ranks.

The chart below shows a current hold and a former hold of mine. Thing 1 is Kirkland Lake Gold, which has rewarded investors despite a weak market. Thing 2, Klondex Mines, has punished investors much more handily than the weak sector has, on average. There was a time when Thing 2 was operating well and pleasing the market and there was a time when Thing 1 was undervalued and overlooked by the market.

The point? I don’t really have one, other than if you’re going to PDAC keep your lug holes open for critical information, and ask hard questions. Don’t just sit there like a drone taking it in. Everybody at the show is selling something and applying lipstick to whatever they are selling.

Here’s the booth info for KL and KLDX.



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