IKN on Anger and the “State of the Mining Industry”

So February comes around (with HUI at a long-held NFTRH target by the way) and I complain about the golden bull horns mustering the troops onto the Au 3000 Express and then recap with gold sentiment lesson #3000. I become nonplussed when those clowns jump to the front of a parade that is already in full march to the promised land and try to promote it.

Dial ahead to today, with inflation expectations in the toilet with the precious metals having led the broad markets to a bearish phase (key word: “led”). But now Mark is sitting at his desk over at IKN and he is hearing all kinds of incoming… moaning, belly aching and general gold bug despair. Mark thinks ‘hmm, it feels a lot like late 2015/early 2016’.

I agree with him. The damage inflicted by the golden bullhorns has been flipped 180°.

Thanks for the observation good sir. Sentiment is important here.