Semi Bearish?

Over the last several years, beginning in 2013 I’ve made post titles like ‘Semi Bullish‘ in response to the bullish leading edge economic cycle indicator, the Semiconductor Equipment sector and its implications for broad stocks and the economy. Those implications of economic acceleration were along these lines… Semi Equipment Book-to-Bill (b2b) → Broad Semi → Manufacturing → Employment → Firm Economy. Shortly after the b2b … Continue reading Semi Bearish?

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Still Waiting on Silver

Here is this week’s version of the generically named Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook article over at Gold-Eagle… Still Waiting on Silver By the way, the article references this NFTRH premium subscriber update, which you might want to check out. In real time we set short-term targets and HUI, gold and silver all proceeded to hit those targets before the sector recoiled … Continue reading Still Waiting on Silver