NFTRH 478 Excerpt: Market Sentiment

Note: I am short nothing whatsoever in this market except a small position against junk bonds. I am long several broad market items and managing risk by also being long a big hunk of the safest cash equivalent vehicle I know of, T Bills (hat tip: Prechter, from many years ago), which are now paying increasingly okay income for a risk ‘off’ position. I also … Continue reading NFTRH 478 Excerpt: Market Sentiment

Spike Update

First of all, the name was picked by my wife who felt that, given his birth defects (deformed elbows and knees) he needed a tough guy name. Through 3 limb/joint surgeries he has persevered and though not living up to the tough guy name, has been the happiest dog you could imagine (in between bouts of anxiety and waning self esteem). This is not a … Continue reading Spike Update