Who Likes/Doesn’t Like Today’s Pop in Yields…

Well obviously, the banks like the pop in yields. This was a confounding relationship for a few weeks and it caused me a minor squall of turmoil, both in my personal management and in my short-term market outlook. But now, it seems like the relationships may be getting back on track and the pigs love it. That’s a breakout. This plays to the intermediate script … Continue reading Who Likes/Doesn’t Like Today’s Pop in Yields…

Mutant Canaries Chirping in Semi Sector?

I am having trouble logging into Fidelity and thus managing my own affairs, so time is limited and this post contains no fundamental facts to back up the title other than the 60 min. charts of our original Semiconductor Equipment canaries in the coal mine, LRCX and AMAT, which are getting hammered this morning. Could this canary be 1000 lbs. overweight, have the ability to … Continue reading Mutant Canaries Chirping in Semi Sector?

Yields Jump; Long and Short-term Views

It has been frustrating for me trying to manage the long-term interest rate backdrop. I saw all the reason in the world that the 10yr & 30yr would take a near-term rise to key moving averages. But then the BKX/SPX ratio decided to temporarily stop working and the relationships ground gears for a few weeks. Yet still on track to rise, here are the limitation … Continue reading Yields Jump; Long and Short-term Views

Porno for Silver Bugs

Just because I was browsing through stockcharts.com’s long-term chart views and saw an old, familiar pattern in silver… I am calling it an 8 year handle but actually it appears silver broke the handle (large falling wedge) in 2016’s precious metals upsurge. The technical implication of this pattern, if it’s destiny is bullish (it’s TA remember, a black art often promoted as something more than … Continue reading Porno for Silver Bugs