Yields Jump; Long and Short-term Views

It has been frustrating for me trying to manage the long-term interest rate backdrop. I saw all the reason in the world that the 10yr & 30yr would take a near-term rise to key moving averages. But then the BKX/SPX ratio decided to temporarily stop working and the relationships ground gears for a few weeks.

Yet still on track to rise, here are the limitation areas per two of the public chart list‘s residents (click chart for clearer view). The 10 actually has two long-term moving averages to key on and the 30 has our original “limiter”, the monthly EMA 100.


This morning as politicians plan the finishing touches on screwing the Trump voting everyman and boosting corporations and the wealthy, yields are responding in kind.


Gold is getting hit but for a day at least in microcosm, the yields above are steepening. One day, if that were to be a trend, gold would be okay too as politicians cook up the next inflation by which to screw the public.

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