Long-term Yields; 1 of 3 Amigos That Will Signal the Macro

Look, I know I am the boring macro guy. I know you want me to tell you when gold stocks are going to go up or how long this tech bubble is going to last. We manage all of that crap in a well presented report every week. I can’t make the market do what I want it to do so we manage and stay in tune with it. That’s all you can do.

Anecdotally, it seems like players are giving up left and right where making sense of the market goes. But it still makes sense, just maybe a different kind of sense than the individual player’s inner programming can interpret.

The bonds/yields element will go with the yield curve and gold’s long-term state vs. US and global stock markets as 3 macro Amigos that will be so important to getting the markets right I can’t even begin to express it enough. Or maybe I do and people just don’t want take it in. But if you don’t get the macro right you’re not going to get the right investment orientation. The plan for long-term yields is bullish until the well defined limitation points I’ve hit you over the head with repeatedly come into play.

Anyway, as they were pumping bonds and knocking down yields last week I produced this chart to show you – and remind myself – that the bond plan was still on track. The 10yr note is down from a bear flag and the 10yr yield is up from a bull one. Anything can happen in markets but as of this moment it’s well on track.

ust, tnx

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