A few years ago you’re trying to get her to address her softball fundamentals, then you’re wondering why she hates high school so much (actually I am not, I absolutely hated it too), then last year you’re wondering why she is quitting opera vocal in favor of composition, and this year you’re spending last Saturday night at a studio in Boston watching a first-time composer … Continue reading Intoxiqués

Random Charts From NFTRH’s ‘Market Internals’ Segment

Participation from the S&P 500’s ‘equal weight’ components is thinning out markedly after putting on a mini-surge in June. That is in line with what is going on in Tech, with the FANG doing the heavy lifting, but now AMZN and GOOGL testing their upside channel breakouts. We had plotted a new high in IHI/SPY back in Q4 2016, and fell short by .001. Will … Continue reading Random Charts From NFTRH’s ‘Market Internals’ Segment