A few years ago you’re trying to get her to address her softball fundamentals, then you’re wondering why she hates high school so much (actually I am not, I absolutely hated it too), then last year you’re wondering why she is quitting opera vocal in favor of composition, and this year you’re spending last Saturday night at a studio in Boston watching a first-time composer manage a string quartet with no pre-rehearsal of the material and the clock ticking ($$$… ).

Here is her very first composition, Intoxiqués.

This is a picture I took of the high def. monitor from the studio’s control room. 4 players, the engineer and my daughter Izzy. A fair number of glitches including that a couple of the players did not know it was a video recording. It was a great experience for her working through being intimidated by older musicians and trying to get her points across to them as the composer. While there were a couple fatal issues (she’s got perfect pitch and for the life of me I could not pick up what she heard that disappointed her) that could not be worked out before we stopped the clock, I think it came out great.

Have a nice weekend.