A Look at Financials & Interest Rates

This post started off as a simple one on the Financials, but then riffed along into yield dynamics and the contrary bond play – of a much different kind that the previous one we managed – that is developing.  In an overwhelmingly net long portfolio (which includes the very large cash position it will continue to keep as the high risk bull market, sans major … Continue reading A Look at Financials & Interest Rates

May Payrolls +138k

Once again the Good Ship Lollypop floats on the back of its Services sectors. Except that in May the ship listed a bit at only 138,000 jobs created. It’s backward looking data that I am sure the mainstream will make a big deal about, but suffice it to say it reflects an okay economy that could be subject to being not okay (per some of … Continue reading May Payrolls +138k