A Great Day in the Market! So What?

This is one of those posts that started out as a regular blurb and then it just wouldn’t stop talking, rambling on, getting a little preachy here, promotional there and ultimately, maybe useful to some people too. Sometimes you’ve just gotta write ’em and send ’em out into the world. Today was my best trading day of the year (although I didn’t actually make a … Continue reading A Great Day in the Market! So What?

nftrh plus

Crude Oil (public post)

I left the title of Tuesday’s NFTRH+ post (now unlocked) vague because if I blare everything out publicly I no longer have a business because premium subscribers would no longer gain an advantage from this part of the service. It’s Small Business 101… serve your customer base well. Anyway, the commodity in question was crude oil, which anyone who cared might have guessed by looking … Continue reading Crude Oil (public post)