Short Commodities

Unlike some people, I would not short gold right now because it’s not a normal commodity, it is a counter-cyclical one not necessarily depending on inflation. But broad commodities are another matter, and are bouncing within an intermediate bear trend per yesterday’s post. Here’s the chart of the vehicle I am using, with an allowance up to the steeply declining SMA 50 or so. Subscribe … Continue reading Short Commodities


NFTRH Update; Gold Sector Parameters and Discussion

The gold sector is acting the way we’d want to a counter-cyclical sector to be acting with US and global markets throwing a fit over the geopolitical situation, which may just be an excuse for a needed correction. We’ve belabored the point that the precious metals need to exceed certain levels to give a bigger bull signal. So why not belabor it again now that … Continue reading NFTRH Update; Gold Sector Parameters and Discussion


NFTRH; The Straw and the Camel’s Back

A quick note as Trump impeachment noise makes the headlines this morning… The elephant in the room is a market propped up, post-election, on Trump mania and its coming fiscal policies, and the straw that would break the camel’s back (and finally trigger impeachment proceedings) may or may not be the firing of FBI director Comey. I don’t have much doubt that this president will … Continue reading NFTRH; The Straw and the Camel’s Back