Floating Path Added to Biiwii

Just a quick note in light of my orientation as a visual learner and economy/market data nerd. Floating Path has been added to the limited list of high quality analytical sources at Biiwii.

Today’s FP post clicks through to a beautiful pdf presentation on U.S. Industrial Production. Check out the post by clicking the graphic below and also keep an eye on biiwii.com because it is improving rapidly to be, in my opinion at least, a one-stop shop for market intelligence.

Again, outside of the rare sponsored post by EWI, many of which I find of value (especially the ‘free week’ promos to their premium content), it’s all by sources that I have no arrangements with whatsoever; it’s just stuff that I find timely, analytically valuable and/or entertaining. We’ll be presenting FP daily but you can of course follow directly at Floating Path too. I highly recommend this one, at least while it is publicly available.