Whipsaw City

Sometimes you get nice, robotically rising markets.  Other times you get some really impulsive downside that you can sink your teeth into.  Then there are other times, like now, when the market pisses off nearly everyone as it whipsaws up and down in little micro bursts, as if toying with casino patrons.

Yesterday I got mentally whipsawed as I left with everything looking fine and returned after-hours to see that the Fed minutes had provided the reasoning for a mini wig out and reversal.  Oh no, I missed the bear pivot!

Well, maybe not, as the market is stable in ‘pre’.


Then again, inflammatory news events rarely stick beyond the moment.

I am still trying to shake the dull stupidity I feel after working through the flu.  I’ve heard from several people telling me that the effects can drag on for a couple of weeks, which I did not know.  So I am doubly behind the 8-ball.  I usually enjoy the markets, but this week… not so much.

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