NFTRH; Market Update

Let’s address the elephant in the room first.  If you have been paying attention to updates I’ve sent recently, or worse yet, acting on them, I fully understand why you might not be so pleased.  In short, the updates have generally been crap, playing the role of contrary indicator.  Sometimes I feel I try to do too much (and end up increasing peoples’ noise level during market hours), but often times subscribers have told me they appreciate that.  Well not this time, I am sure.

All I can say is that if you’d like to judge the service harshly on the last week or so I’d not blame you in the least.  I have added no value whatsoever to your efforts.  If you’d like to look beyond this and cut the guy a break, well, I’d certainly welcome it.  But however you view it, my view is that this has been the worst display of market management by far in NFTRH’s 8.5 years.

For that I apologize, simply because I should have known better than to get too ‘talky’ when coming from an un-grounded, less educated place.  Since the flu bug hit I have not been able to do the work that makes me feel settled inside.  That is why weekly reports (not coincidentally excepting last weekend’s report) are so long; when I am done with them I feel educated from the inside out.  Not this week.

We’ll move on, wiser and better prepared.  You’ve got to learn from the screw ups, let them go and move on.  That is what I am going to do.  It’s funny, a voice told me after the update that ‘maybe you should have noted the status pending a daily close instead of just a snapshot of what was happening in-day’, but these are the details I’ve missed in not being myself lately.

As for the details, the market went up then it reversed.  That’s a bearish sign.  Once I get done kicking myself I am going to get back on the horse and beat this thing.  Luckily, cash levels are very high and enough profits were taken that I can still feel like I can take advantage of a bear phase if that is what will be continuing here.  I am a little embarrassed and plenty pissed, but I am never beaten.

As for the gold sector, it is still hanging around between key resistance and support and I don’t regret in the least not adding there.  Cash remains the best thing to have right now.  Let’s see what tomorrow and the rest of the week bring and see if I can’t put my Keystone Kop uniform in mothballs!  I do think it would be wisest to try to keep the majority of non-NFTRH+ updates for pre or post market hours, when we can evaluate things with relative calm.