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Peak Trump

The following is the opening segment of this week's edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 437.  While I think several proposed Trump administration policies would have positive down…

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SPX 30 & 12 Month Cycles

With the disclaimer being that as an intuitive and more artful TA using inter-market ratio measuring tools and the like, I am the furthest thing from an accomplished cycles analyst. …

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alice in wonderland

NFTRH 437 Out Now

We tone down the talking and ramp up the charting as an infinitely interesting and hopefully readable market moves forward.  The key is going to be investor (i.e. momo, casino…

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Multi-Market Summary

Using the most representative or notable index/ETF for each segment, let's update the general status for a range of items (U.S. and global stocks, T bonds, commodities and gold) with…

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What’s With Inflation Signals?

Tell me, who is wrong on inflation, Commodities or Treasury bonds?  They will not remain under pressure together, as they have been this week, for long.  This is the kind…

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NFTRH; Mid-Day Notes

Well, it is a 'just can't win' sort of a day.  Everything is down except for my short positions on SPXL and IWM, my Healthcare related items and SQM, as…

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Silver 2011, Dow 2017

This is not a top call.  My target was Dow 21,000 and this pig blew through it and flew to 21,115.  This is a comparison of one bubble to another…

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NFTRH; Mid-Day Notes

First, per a question by a subscriber, the HUI would not be considered as having lost the 195 marker based on the in-day squiggling.  That is, as I noted to…

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When SPX gets to 2410 I am not going to be obnoxious in touting about having projected it 7+ months ago.  That is because true to the nature of any…

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nftrh plus

NFTRH+; FLIR Chart Study

Another informal update on a stock we looked at last year as part of a Robotics theme (it's not a robotics company, but its optical systems can be used in…

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