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nftrh 415US Stock Market:  Trend is bullish, but other than the big display in the Semis last week and a bullish looking Tranny, most items remain below the key parameter we set that would signal the next up leg.

Global Stock Markets:  A mix of bullish and bearish.  Some very interesting areas, however.

Precious Metals:  The correction continues, pending the potential for HUI to continue bouncing around in a 230 to 250 range.  Our ultimate targets – for potential buying opportunity – are lower, but the sector is making so much sense it’s very pleasing.

Commodities:  A mix of good and bad, but expected to be a big beneficiary if indicators keep on flashing an alert to a coming inflationary phase.

Look, that’s the cartoon stuff that everybody looks at.  NFTRH 415 goes in depth in many areas and from many different angles to give a clear picture of where global markets stand as we close Q3.  It’s out now and I continue not to see how it is not the best service of its kind, imperfections of its writer and all.

Every weekend I feel really tuned up after writing and especially re-reading this report.  During the week we are all just casino patrons taking shots at what we think is going on.  Going in depth once a week helps me immensely as an investor/trader.

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