Semi Spooky

“Spooky”… that is the word I used in an email to a subscriber who commented on yesterday’s post about the Breadth Thrust data sent by another subscriber.  The post was spooky and what the markets in general are doing is spooky, but not miserable because I am on the right side of it with a healthy amount of longs across several sectors and global areas (shorts were all covered in the Brexit hysterics, as noted at the time).

In a way it sucks because with the whole market going up it is interfering with the Semi sector view we have going on here.  I mean, is it going up for the reasons laid out in NFTRH or just because everything else is going up in anticipation of one big Central Bank induced cluster fuck?  This is yet to be determined, but earnings season is upon us so we will know soon.

Anyway, here’s a weekly chart of the Semi related stuff I own (all subject to profit taking at any time), with the exception of CCMP, which I took profit on too soon and am having remorse over (but that’s all just psychology, isn’t it?).


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