I Am Going to Stop Writing the Word…


I have been absolutely pounding you with it since before the Bremain/Brexit Kabuki Theater and I am getting tired of hearing myself say it.  Besides, I could be wrong.  The Semi Equipment Book-to-Bill trend could be an anomaly…


Silver could just be getting pumped in a sort of mirror image to the evil cabal manipulation that the Tin Hats always see (side note: SLV is hitting its pattern objective of 18.75 right now, btw)…


It’s relationship to gold could be on the fritz, making at least one tool in my box dysfunctional.  The ‘prices paid’ by US manufacturers?  Anomaly.  The massive lurch into Treasury bonds by the greatest counter party in waiting I have ever seen?  Pure fantasy, they are right this time as they bow to deflation.  The fledgling out performance of commodities to stocks?  Dream on.

Brexit was evidently a big, scary, earth shattering event that will usher in the final deflation, a global monster of a deflation, that will kill us all.  Or just maybe Brexit was the (!) on a deflationary phase gone by?

Things are confusing on the surface and I am not going to pretend to be the answer man ahead of time (i.e. before my tools give me answers).  But speaking of answer men I hear Martin Armstrong, George Soros and other figureheads in emails I am receiving.  Some people seem to be imploring me not to remain on the path I am on. Others ask me to further explain myself even though I have put a ton of effort into doing just that on this site.  I feel like people are fighting me, sometimes coming at it from diametrically opposed viewpoints!

But I am like a dumb cave man.  I use my tools and make my way.  These tools imply the ‘i’ word.  When they stop implying it, I will stop writing it.  So for this post at least, I am not going to write it.

Hey listen, have a great 4th of July weekend folks, and keep yer heads on straight.  Don’t take anyone’s information as the be all, end all.  Okay?

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