Bad News/Good News for Gold Bugs

It is a tiny sample size of course (and so, just for fun) but…

Bad News

My article Gold’s Macrocosm: The Planets Align brought a comment from Gold Seek calling me an “internet dipshit” for supposedly denying that inflation exists, when in reality I know it exists and is promoted non-stop but in the world of indicators, it is not yet perceived by the market to be an issue.

So the GoldSeek reader was evidently pissed at yet another deflationist talking down gold’s utility as an inflation protector.  But if he’d bother to shelf the emotion and actually read that and other articles he’d know I am talking about a necessary phase on the way to an ‘inflation trade’ out in the future.  He’s probably the type who was buying gold miners as oil went to 140/barrel and out performed gold (the ‘gold is silver is copper is tin is hogs is… BUY HARD ASSETS!!!’ brigade).  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to explain a view, it is not going to register.

It’s bad news because these are the types of gold bugs that need to be eliminated in a bear market and one of them at least, still populates the internet defending his orthodoxy.

Good News

Another guy (at Safehaven) was amused by my planetary theme and how we gold bugs are “flipped out” (to outer space) over a $200 rally in gold.  He’s expecting the final plunge.  Even the ‘final plunge’ (ers) in the blogosphere have retracted that stance, which actually bolsters his case.  But I think it is more supportive of a sharp negative reaction we have been allowing for and even anticipating.  As the article stated, these types of reactions look like opportunities now.

Opportunities to tune out all the bullish and bearish noise and just realize what is happening… a change in the macro backdrop pending the expected bounce in the risk ‘on’ trade and drop in the risk ‘off’ trade (incl. gold).