April Fools

I got in late last night from band practice and there was this message in my inbox.  I never remember that it is April Fools day on 4/1 and almost always fall for some gag or another.  Last night I read the first sentence and thought ‘I know Kyle and I have had our misunderstandings (he’s critiqued certain of my concepts as you may recall) but I thought he was a satisfied subscriber’.  Then I saw the second sentence and my slow wittedness began to clear.  Then I just cracked up reading the rest of his mail…

Hey Gary,

How do I cancel my subscription ASAP and obtain a pro-rated refund? If you aren’t willing to tell me to buy gold every single day, then I’ll find someone who will!

OK fine, that was just an early April Fool’s Day joke. Without inflating your ego too much, I’d like to know the easiest way to convert my subscription from monthly to annually? I realize in this deflationary environment this is a very risky decision as you most likely will lower your prices soon. That’s why I’ve held off on buying a TV, computer, CD player, and even a VCR. I’m delaying my purchases until these items are less than a quarter (not a real one…the copper & nickel token version painted to look like a quarter).

But hey, someone needs to step up and stop this deflationary spiral, so I’ll bite the bullet and purchase an annual subscription. Aggregate demand is too low, and I feel a patriotic duty to give it a boost. And maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, perhaps word of my purchase will spread and boost consumer confidence, which of course would lead to even greater aggregate demand! There’s still too much slack in the economy, and as Dr. Krugman has taught us: “my spending is your income and your spending is my income.” So be sure to spend every cent I send you. Don’t be a greedy, unpatriotic hoarder. If you can’t think of anything to buy, simply break a window in your house and pay someone to fix it. That is supposedly quite the economic stimulus. Don’t overdo it though. We don’t want the economy to overheat.