Bank Leadership @ Limit

The Banks (BKX) have been leading the broad US stock market (SPX) down into this bumpy ride as T bond yields tank ever further.  While the intermediate picture features varying measures of tanking inflation expectations, economic deceleration and other features of a counter cyclical atmosphere, it may be time for T bond yields to bounce and it may be time for bank leadership to bounce, … Continue reading Bank Leadership @ Limit

Yield Curve Today

Yields down, curve up.  The mini-trend (and risk ‘OFF’) continues. 30 vs. 5 for your real-time reference… This financial market disturbance is now looking pretty Octobery.  That one drew out supposed Fed hawk James Bullard to chomp on the mic about a would-be QE4 and later, Whack-a-Moles in deed and in Jawbone from the BoJ, ECB, China Central Planning. Oh and gold is up 35/oz … Continue reading Yield Curve Today