Risk Flies ‘ON’ Today

All Treasury yields are up with the curve… yup, dropping.  They are suddenly not scared anymore and are flying out of liquidity instruments. Junk and Junk to quality is snapping back hard and the inflation gauge is even getting a little bounce.  It appears we could get some Santa and possibly even January Effect action in the coming weeks.  Small Caps had a massive day. … Continue reading Risk Flies ‘ON’ Today

Worldwide PV Equipment Bookings/Billings Down

It just just a small appetizer for the main course, which will be the Semiconductor Equipment sector’s Book-to-Bill ratio coming out soon.  But for now, here is the latest PV equipment data from SEMI: Here is the report that accompanies it.  The Book-to-Bill ratio for the PV industry is declining sharply over the last year and nominal bookings and billings have been declining ever since … Continue reading Worldwide PV Equipment Bookings/Billings Down