SPY 60 Min. Looks to Fill the Gap

Gee, go figure.  There is the gap up (as was noted in pre-market) and sure enough, there is the orderly looking flag down to potentially fill said gap.  It's better…

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SPY: Gappy Not So Happy

From yesterday's Happy Gappy day trader post... "Even still, who’s to say today’s little expression of joy is not a gap to be filled quickly on the downside?" Boink, in…

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SPY: Happy Gappy

Follow me if you will once again into the world viewed by a day trader.  This is their world I assume, because they have to watch this stuff all day…

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NFTRH; EEM/SPY Ratio Begs a Re-Think

As you may know, I have been bearish the Emerging Markets due to the big picture monthly chart breakdown by the MSCI EM index and iShares ETF.  But in pulling an EEM/SPY chart I found this bottomy looking thing…


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SPY Parameters Updated

A simple progress report on SPY's bounce.  The initial rally today put SPY back above the resistance line roughly equivalent to SPX 1975, which was Resistance #1 to the bounce…

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Market Update (A-B-C)

China is again in the news as its Caixin manufacturing index hits its lowest reading in 6 years.  Dutifully, world markets decline by around 2% on average.  Clicking the graphic…

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Using SPY for the US market and EEM for general Emerging Markets, I’d like to illustrate what I think may be in play on the short-term.

SPY shot up to the equivalent of our first S&P 500 target around 1980.  This was based on lateral resistance (not shown on the chart below) and a 50% Fib retrace.  We also have an ultimate potential upside (corrective) target equivalent to SPX 2040.  That is the thick red zone on the SPY chart below.


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Market Notes

A subscriber asked if I was still in the SPY short or had I stopped out?  Answer:  Still on the short.  It had been noted that the stop loss would be above 208.61 (last week’s high).  SPY hit 208.76 today and I have not even thought of letting that make me cover.


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This is very similar to a previous update that worked out well shorting SPY.  The parameters to short are very similar, the current level up to 206. A rise above…

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SPY Gap Closed

So if you are a bull, you are buying here... right?  Are you a bull? I ask that seriously, because I myself am not sure at the moment what I…

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I have gone mostly sidelines with the seasonal stock market bounce stuff, but also am not short a single thing.  With that disclosed, here is a gappy view of the…

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SPY Updated

Frankly, the more unwieldy this hyper frenetic market gets, the less inclination I have to do NFTRH+ updates, because the volatility has a funny way of breaking charts (with associated…

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Per the regular update this morning, the EMA 10 (2056) was noted as key resistance on the S&P 500.  Translating that to a bear trade on the SPY, we find…

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