vs. SPY, Global Edition

A look at some daily charts of global markets/ETFs vs. SPX/SPY. Same rules apply as with the US sectors; it’s not TA, it’s a gauge of relative trend. In this case, daily.

Europe/US is and has been bouncing.

Russia/US is and has been steadily up trending.

China (large caps)/US (large caps) is and has been sideways/neutral with an upside bias (per the moving averages).

EM/US is and has been firm.

Japan/US is bouncing.

Canada/US is bouncing.

Aussie/US is bouncing (sort of).

India/US has smashed upward, back to its sideways trend.

World/US is very similar.

And there you have it; the world vs. SPY. Some items bouncing and a couple continuing to out perform.

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