Market Update

Amidst an economic backdrop in the US that continues to very gently decelerate, we have a celebration of what was perceived by the market as a dovish Fed. Anxiety had…

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Market Update

For the 2nd week in a row I'd like to forgo the regular ETF update in favor of a more conversational 'market status' update.  We noted in NFTRH 329 that…

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Gappy New Year, Part 3

In part 1 we noted the gaps to start 2015 that were likely to fill, and in part 2 we updated the progress.  Part 3 will close the series because…

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Gap Progress

Here is the progress of the 4 US indexes noted as we began our Gappy New Year... RUT is entering the support zone with the gap down below. NDX is…

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NFTRH; Multi Market Update

Gold stocks are down again today and it is now decision time (for the sector if not individuals).  That is because the parameter is to not make and hold a new low to the May low on a closing basis.  We noted that a bounce is possible and if it is going to happen it should happen around here, at the May low with a similar over sold RSI.  Either that or it would be broken with a lower low (that does not reverse quickly).


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NFTRH Update, US Stock Market

[edit]  Pardon the ads on these posts, but I have finally made the decision that public site readers can put up with some ads at the site, given the amount of information they get.  I am not able to disable ads for private posts but as always, all premium updates will be delivered right to your inbox, add free. 

The reversal in US markets is coming after a period of under performance by large tech stocks and the momentum darlings like YELP, FB, TSLA, and of course, my personal whipping boys, the 3D Printers.


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NFTRH Update, US Stock Market Setup

The ‘bounce’ has been more powerful than I thought it might, bringing the prospect of the next up phase – indeed a potential melt up phase – into the picture.  But one leader has been negatively diverging the rally of the last week…


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